January 2017

Courses, workshops and lectures

New courses: the gouaché in high jewelry: the color & the gouaché in high jewelry: the light

In jewelry, creation is the result of a team effort, for which the design is the first step.

The gouaché is a technically detailed rendering which will guide all the different craftsman who will participate in the creation of the jewel. The mockup maker, the jewelers, the gemologists, the polishers and the setters: all will refer back to it during every single stage. The gouaché prefigures the jewel, both in volume and in color.

With Le Gouaché in High Jewelry: The Color and Le Gouaché in High Jewelry: The Light, the Ecole des Arts Joailliers is enriching its program with two new courses dedicated to this technique.

Each workshop is taught in English or French and lasts 3 hours. You will discover how the designer must perfectly express the association of color with light. From cabochon shape to faceted cuts, you will apply the techniques for gouaché which show the liveliness of the real stones.

  • GouacheCouleur 1-jpg

    GouacheCouleur 1-jpg

  • GouacheCouleur 2-jpg

    GouacheCouleur 2-jpg

  • GouacheCouleur 3-jpg

    GouacheCouleur 3-jpg

  • GouacheCouleur 4-jpg

    GouacheCouleur 4-jpg

  • GouacheLumiere 1-jpg

    GouacheLumiere 1-jpg

  • GouacheLumiere 2-jpg

    GouacheLumiere 2-jpg

  • GouacheLumiere 3-jpg

    GouacheLumiere 3-jpg

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