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L’ÉCOLE, School of Jewelry Arts presents LACLOCHE JEWELERS  

For the first time, an exhibition and a book pay tribute to
Lacloche, an iconic European jewelry house from 1892 to 1967

Exhibition at L’ÉCOLE, School of Jewelry Arts: October 23-December 20, 2019
Book published by Éditions Norma: release date October 18, 2019


The Belle Époque of the Maison Lacloche
The Maison Lacloche was one of Paris’ celebrated jewelry houses from the Belle Époque period to the 1960s. Established on the rue de la Paix in 1901, it also had boutiques in Madrid and London, as well as branches in Nice, Biarritz, San Sebastián, Cannes and Deauville.

Lacloche Frères, and later Jacques Lacloche, created jewelry for royalty: Queen Victoria of Spain, Edward VII of England, the kings of Greece and Siam, as well as for aristocratic figures such as the Duchess of Westminster, and even Hollywood stars like Grace Kelly.

This is the first time that an exhibition has been dedicated to them and coincides with the publication of the first monograph devoted to this remarkable family of jewelers. The book is co-authored by Laurence Mouillefarine, who is also the curator of the exhibition.

Through jewelry, clocks (both large and small), and vanity cases—the Lacloche specialty—as well as archival documents, the retrospective will illustrate various trends, including the naturalism of Art Nouveau, Egyptomania and the penchant for the Far East during the Roaring Twenties, the modernism of Art Deco, and the charmingly seductive creations of the 1950s.

The apogee of the Maison Lacloche
The highlight of this unprecedented retrospective will be the evocation of a now historic event: the International Exhibition of 1925 that was held in Paris over a six-month period. A lengthy treasure hunt has allowed us to bring together the jewels that Lacloche Frères displayed on their stand during this legendary event. These were found at various locations all around the world in both public and private collections. Visitors can admire a remarkable selection of bracelets, brooches, clocks, and boxes that dazzle by their elegance and their refined artisanship.

Specialist curator
Laurence Mouillefarine is a journalist and art-market specialist who has written for Architectural Digest, Le Figaro Magazine, La Gazette Drouot and Madame Figaro.
Passionate about art and design from the between the wars period, she was the co-curator of the exhibition ‘Bijoux Art Déco et Avant-garde’ at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris in 2009.
Along with Véronique Ristelhueber, she is the author of Raymond Templier, le bijou moderne, the first monograph devoted to Templier (Éditions Norma, 2005). Her love of treasures hidden in attics led her to write, along with Philippe Colin-Olivier, the book Vous êtes riches sans le savoir (Le Passage, 2012).


Exhibition October 23-December 20, 2019
Free admission / Monday-Saturday / 12pm-7pm
At L’ÉCOLE, School of Jewelry Arts
31 rue Danielle Casanova, 75001 Paris



The little-known history of Lacloche Jewelers told in a book
This monograph is the first to retrace the astonishing rise of the Lacloche family despite their modest beginnings at the rue de Châteaudun in 1892. Renowned for their elegance and refined craftsmanship, the models made by Lacloche Frères, and their successor, Jacques Lacloche, were designed by the best Parisian workshops, such as Strauss Allard Meyer, Verger, Helluin-Mattlinger, Langlois and Rubel, to which this book pays tribute. Two extraordinary gouache albums, hitherto unpublished, bring to life the 63 jewels and 21 clocks presented by Lacloche Frères at the 1925 Exhibition.

This publication was co-written by Laurence Mouillefarine, curator of the exhibition at L’ÉCOLE, School of Jewelry Arts and Véronique Ristelhueber. The latter is an archivist and iconographer, specializing in twentieth-century architecture, design and landscape. Her interest in jewelry comes from the ten years she spent working as an archivist for the Maison Cartier.

Book published by Éditions Norma, with the support of L’ÉCOLE, School of Jewelry Arts.
French-English edition
Release date: October 18, 2019

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Tel.: +33 (0)6 22 64 33 93 /

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Loelia Ponsonby, duchess of Westminster, photographed by Cecil Beaton in 1931.
© The Cecil Beaton Studio Archive at Sotheby's
--> Photo available on request, contact


  • Cover Lacloche Joailliers - Éditions Norma

  • Case, gold, rubies, diamonds and moonstone, circa 1905.
    Liang Yi Museum.

  • Fox-terrier brooch, diamonds, onyx, platinum and gold, circa 1930.
    Baume Collection.

  • Brooch, buff-top rubies, emeralds, diamonds, black enamel and platinum, 1925.
    LA Collection Privée.
    Photo Bonhams.

  • Postcard illustrating the building at 15 rue de la Paix in Paris at the corner of rue Daunou, circa 1910.

  • Jabot pin, jadeite, onyx, brilliant diamonds and platinum, circa 1925.
    LA Collection Privée.
    Photo Courtesy of Dupuis Auctioneers, Canada.

  • Pendant-watch, guilloché enamel, diamonds, sapphires, platinum and gold, circa 1910.
    LA Collection Privée.
    © 2019 Christie’s Images Limited.

  • Advertising published in "La Renaissance de l'art français et des industries du luxe" in July 1923

  • Lacloche Jewelers ad in "The Tatler", 1936

  • Perfume bottle launched in 1954.
    Francis Lacloche Collection. Photo Benjamin Chelly

  • Compact, enamel, gold and diamonds. London import mark for 1926.
    Made by Strauss Allard Meyer.
    LA Collection Privée. Photo Bonhams.

  • L’ÉCOLE, School of Jewelry Arts
    Lacloche Jewelers exhibition
    Photo Maurine Tric

  • L’ÉCOLE, School of Jewelry Arts
    Lacloche Jewelers exhibition
    Photo Maurine Tric

  • L’ÉCOLE, School of Jewelry Arts
    Lacloche Jewelers exhibition
    Photo Maurine Tric

  • L’ÉCOLE, School of Jewelry Arts
    Lacloche Jewelers exhibition
    Photo Maurine Tric

  • L’ÉCOLE, School of Jewelry Arts
    Lacloche Jewelers exhibition
    Photo Maurine Tric

  • “Japanese Lady and Tree” cigarette case in gold and enamel,
    signed Lacloche Frères, Paris. 1925.
    Made by the atelier Langlois. LA Private Collection.
    Photo David Fraga.

  • Bracelet in gold, enamel, engraved rubies,
    made in 1938 by the atelier Verger for Jacques Lacloche.
    Private Collection. Photo Benjamin Chelly.

  • Bracelet with buff-top rubies, diamonds, onyx, platinum.
    This bracelet was displayed on the stand of Lacloche Frères at the International Exhibition of Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts in Paris in 1925.
    LA Collection Privée © 2019 Christie’s Images Limited.

  • Cuff bracelet in white and yellow gold, and cabochon coral,
    signed J. Lacloche, Cannes, 1937.
    LA Collection Privée. © Photo Luc Pâris

  • Brooch in the form of a scarecrow, in gold, turquoise, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, diamonds.
    Private Collection. © Deweggis

  • Drop earrings in rubies, emeralds, diamonds, platinum, circa 1925.
    Private Collection. Photo Tony Falcone.

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