October 2017

L'École abroad

L'École des Arts Joailliers in Dubaï - November 7 to 25, 2017

L'École des Arts Joailliers arrives this year to the Middle East to shed light on the hidden worlds of jewelry and watchmaking

The School of Jewelry Arts will be based at Hai d3, in the Dubai Design District, from the 7th to the 25th of November, 2017.

The curriculum will be organized around three themes: Art History of Jewelry, the Universe of Gemstones and Savoir Faire. Evening conversations, several exhibits and other activities around jewelry will complement the offering of the first visit of the Paris-based school to the Middle East region.

L'Ecole and d3 share a community spirit where you can develop a discerning eye, discover art and explore culture. Hai d3 will be a home for a nomadic school that communicates the soul of L’École in Paris and, at the same time, represents the unique identity of the Middle East.

En savoir plus : https://me.lecolevancleefarpels.com

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