January 2017


Harumi Klossowska de Rola exhibition –  January 23 to February 1, 2017

Harumi Klossowska de Rola presents her new collection of jewels and objects, from January 23 to February 1, 2017, at L'École des Arts Joailliers, in an exhibition named "Retour d'expédition".

Harumi Klossowska's jewels are animals which are at the same time alive and petrified, mysterious an familiar.  A world in which creatures spring into existence, out of wood and gold, dreamed up between Europe and Japan, tamed by the artist's mind, and then entrusted to the meticulousness of several Swiss French artisans. These works are unique, wild and delicate.

L'École des Arts Joailliers (The School of Jewelry Arts)
31, rue Danielle-Casanova
75002 Paris
Access from 2PM to 7PM, free of charge

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